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BOSCH HBA5560S0 5 years warranty

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Built-in Oven with AutoPilot: automatically cooks perfect dishes.

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3D Hotair

This function distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, allowing you to cook up to three levels at the same time. Sweet and salty dishes can be baked at the same time without mixing the flavors.

Automatic cooking made it easy.

With AutoPilot 10 you can cook your meals perfectly. After placing your food in the oven, select the appropriate automatic program – between 10 – on the options screen. Simply add the weight of the food and press “Start”. It then takes on the AutoPilot program, which defines how to cook, the temperature and the cooking time. He even undertakes to turn off the oven towards the end of the cooking time. Since for certain dishes with AutoPilot it is required to use a frying pan with a lid, the oven also remains clean. Cooking could not be simpler.

Independent telescopic mechanism

Classic telescopic mechanisms can be placed up to three different levels. Bosch offers you the independent telescoping mechanisms. The mechanism can be mounted on all levels, including the grill level, making the baking even more comfortable. The mechanism snaps and removes with ease.

Your oven now cleans itself.

With EcoClean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning utility, cleaning the oven is easy. It is a special coating of tiny ceramic beads located on the inside walls and ceiling of the oven, which breaks down the grease residue as your food is baked in the oven – throughout the life of the appliance. This saves time and energy.

Technical specifications

Type of oven / Heating systems:

  • Built-in oven with 7 modes: 
    3D Hotair, Up & Down Heating, Hot Air Combination with Grill, Large Grill, Pizza Pitch, Lower Heating, Hot Air / Soft Baking
  • Temperature range 50 ° C – 275 ° C
  • Oven capacity: 71 liters
  • Rotary switches, Immersible switches
  • Inner surface of the oven: Enamelled gray
  • EcoClean self-cleaning surface: Back, Ceiling, Sideways
  • EcoClean cleaning program
  • Door with crystal glass interior for easy cleaning
  • LCD digital display screen
  • Electronic clock programmer
  • AutoPilot 10: 10 automatic programs
  • Quick warm-up
  • New door handle design
  • VarioClip telescopic mechanism with stop function
  • 1 x universal baking pan, 1 x combination rack
  • Low Door Crystal Temperature
  • Child safety lock 
    Indication of residual heat
  • Connection cable length: 120 cm
  • Total electrical connection load: 3.4 kW
  • Device dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 594 mm x 548 mm
  • Insertion dimensions (HxWxD): 585 mm – 595 mm x 560 mm – 568 mm x 550 mm
  • Energy class (EU 65/2014): A on a scale of energy classes from A +++ to D




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