Bosch WAT24469GR 9kg

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Washing machine with EcoSilence Drive ™: Enjoy quiet operation and excellent durability.


  • Maximum capacity: 9 kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm
  • Energy class: A +++, on a scale of energy classes from A +++ to D
  • A +++ (-30%): consumes 30% less energy than A +++
    (152 kWh, with a class A +++ limit of 217 kWh)
  • Annual consumption (220 washes): 152 kWh, 11220 ltr
  • Noise levels: 51 dB wash, 75 dB spin


  • Cotton, Synthetic, Sensitive / Silk, Wool, Mixed, Dark / Jeans, Rinsing, Sprinkling / Pumping, Quilts, Shirts, Curtains, Fast 15 ‘/ 30’, Allergy, Bucket Cleaning, Sports / Micro Wrinkles
  • Bucket cleaning program

Washing options

  • Vario Perfect – Speed Perfect option to reduce time or Eco Perfect to save energy
  • Filling clothes – you can add clothes during the wash
  • Touch Control touch keys for temperature, spin speed, Speed Perfect / Eco Perfect, extra water & rinse, prewash, stop for adding clothes, expiration schedule in 1-24 hours

Devices and device handling

  • Large, easy-to-read display with program indications, temperature, spin speed, residual operating time and recommended load
  • Power consumption indicator
  • Overdose indication of detergent
  • Program end sound signal
  • Metopi with Greek text


  • Eco Silence Drive – silent and durable inverter motor with 10 years warranty
  • Active Water ™ Plus – accurate weight & type identification and use of the ideal amount of water
  • 3D-Water Flow – three-dimensional water spray for fast wetting and protection of clothes
  • Vario Drum ™ bucket, with soft side for sensitive & intensive for durable
  • Anti Vibration Design to reduce vibration and noise
  • Unbalanced load distribution check
  • Flow Sensor, for accurate control of water consumption
  • Foam recognition
  • Self-cleaning detergent dispenser
  • Component for liquid detergents in the case

Mounting & Security Features

  • Multiple leakage protection
  • Device Lock (child safety)
  • Possibility of overhanging a 85 cm bench



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