////Bosch WTW87530GR 9kg

Bosch WTW87530GR 9kg

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Serie | 8Water condensing dryer with heat pump, 9 kg

  • SelfCleaning ™: Ensure A ++ energy class performance over the lifetime of the device, without the need to clean the condenser manually again.
  • Speed-record drying: Dries a full load of 9 kilos in just 166 minutes – without any increase in energy consumption.
  • SensitiveDrying: Soft, uniform drying thanks to the special surface structure of the bucket.
  • ComfortControl: very easy to use thanks to the intuitive handling environment.
  • Anti-allergy program: designed specifically for the needs of people suffering from allergies or skin sensitivities.


Technical specifications

  • Maximum capacity: 9 kg
  • Energy class: A ++ on a scale of energy classes from A +++ to D
  • Consumption at first. Cotton – for storage:
    ◦ at full load 2.06 kWh / time 166 min
    ◦ with half load 1.24 kWh / year 108 min
    ◦ annual consumption (160 uses): 259 kWh
  • Water vapor condensation efficiency: 91%
  • Noise levels: 64 dB (A) re 1 pW


  • Cotton, Synthetic, Mixed, Vulnerable, Wool Preparation, Towels, Fast 40 ‘, Sports / Microfibres, Feathers, Shirts, Quilts, Hot Time Program, Cold Time Program, Allergy

Drying options

  • TouchControl touch buttons for adjusting residual moisture in clothes, fine adjustment of drying level, lower temperature, sound signal, 60 ‘wrinkle protection, wrinkle protection 120’, lock, stop for adding clothes and finish programming in 1-24 hours
  • Protection from crunching 120 minutes after the end of the program

Devices and device handling

  • Large, easy-to-read screen with program progress indicators, remaining time and special functions
  • LED interior bucket light
  • Selector with built-in on / off button
  • Program end sound signal
  • Metopi with Greek text


  • SelfCleaning – automatic condenser cleaning, for constant low consumption, effortlessly
  • activeAir – heat pump drying for impressively low consumption
  • Heat pump with environmentally friendly coolant R290
  • AutoDry – drying controlled by temperature & humidity sensors
  • SensitiveDrying – Large stainless steel drum with special embossed surface design and agitators for maximum fabric protection
  • AntiVibration Design to reduce vibration and noise

    AntiVibration Sidewalls: Higher stability and less vibration.

    The new AntiVibration Design of the side walls is not only attractive in appearance: the system also offers greater stability and reduces vibration. Enhanced insulation also reduces noise, making Bosch washers very quiet even during the spin cycle.


    Dry fabric-friendly drying with the Sensitive Drying System.

    With the Sensitive Drying System, the clothes dry with mild, warm air coming out from all sides and mixed gently with mild wave agitators without sticking to the drum walls.

    Moisture Sensor

    There are 3 drying programs, partial drying for ironing, drying for dressing and full drying for storage

    Fast 40 ‘

    With the Fast 40 ‘short program, you can dry up to 2kg of clothes quickly and efficiently but of course with incredible softness. This program is designed for use with the Quick 15 ‘wash program, which means that your clothes are washed and dried in less than an hour.


    It automatically recognizes when your clothes are completely dry.

    Bosch dryers and washing machines with AutoDry dry in a particularly gentle way to the degree of drying you desire, for ironing for direct storage, or completely dry. The sensors measure temperature and humidity, thus protecting your clothes from excessive temperatures, excessive drying and shrinking.

    Excellent results

    Outdoor + Drying

    Special drying program for outdoor clothing

    Heat pump technology

    Innovative heat pump technology – forget the traditional heating element, use the heat of air to dry clothes, significantly reducing energy consumption


    Effective for now and forever.

    Heat pump dryers with a self-cleaning condenser protect your clothes while remaining extremely energy efficient. The use of self-cleaning technology means that the condenser is automatically cleaned up to four times during the drying process, providing excellent energy efficiency in each cycle. Bosch Heat Pump Dryers are designed to work efficiently and dry the clothes gently and perfectly.




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