Wahl Haircut and Beard Trimmer 9639


The Wahl Haircut and Beard has the power to cut hair and the precision to trim facial hair, giving you the flexibility for grooming at home. The rechargeable clipper comes with detachable rinseable blades which snap on and off for easy cleaning. With the added benefit of cord/cordless use, if charge starts to run low, simply plug in to the cord to carry on trimming and clipping.

The haircut and beard comes with a full range of guide combs for haircutting and facial hair trimming; longer lengths 19mm- 25mm, medium length 13mm-16mm, shorter length 3mm-10mm, also included in the kit is a stubble and beard comb so that you can achieve the perfect hair style, stubble or beard in the comfort of your own home.

For total home grooming the set includes: 12 guide combs, barber scissors, soft pouch, styling comb, barber comb, moustache comb, cleaning brush and oil. Features grades 0.5-8.

Complete with a wahl styling guide, to provide you with step by step tips for clipping and trimming hair at home.

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